New Plans, New Pricing

Our users have evolved and we are updating our pricing to honor those changes with plans dedicated to developers and their teams!
Nov 17, 2021

Today I am excited to share that we have restructured our plans to encourage the use of power features, including making SAML SSO free for everyone! Back in 2020, our team made a faulty assumption that only large teams would want our advanced features. But over time we heard the opposite from you, as developers. We realize that there are a subset of features on our paid plans that would unlock new possibilities and use-cases if they were accessible. You asked to become power users. Going forward Doppler will offer two plans centered around developers and teams.

For developers

Doppler is built by developers for developers. We believe that individuals whether that be hobbyists, students, educators, open-source contributors, or something else deserve a developer-friendly way to manage the literal keys to the kingdom.

To help you achieve this, we have shipped 30+ new features and improvements that have made secrets management even more powerful for developers. Having the ability to save and compare secrets across environments helps prevent outages while integrating Doppler Share reduce the chance of an accidental leak when sharing one-off credentials with 3rd parties. To help ensure you can access your secrets wherever you develop and deploy, we have expanded our list of integrations to support 20+ cloud providers. Internally we have also revamped our secrets infrastructure to be more secure while obtaining SOC 2 compliance and passing multiple penetration tests by highly respected firms.

Today we are taking it a step further by offering the advanced features that make your developer experience as an individual better such as secrets referencing, recurring reminders, and notes for free on the Developer plan. The gates on our power features have now been lifted.

As part of the lift we are moving SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) to the Developer plan for free. SAML SSO allows you use to use a central authority for user access management, creating numerous security benefits. One benefit is the ability to enforce robust password policies across 3rd party services like Doppler. Most companies decide to place this feature exclusively in their enterprise offering, which we felt is not developer-friendly. As developers, we like automating as much as possible and user management always seemed a bit out of reach. With SAML SSO available today for free, you can automate who has access and when through Okta, OneLogin, Google Workplace, Azure Active Directory, or any other SAML identity provider.

For teams

As developers start to work together, we have the Team plan designed to help them scale effortlessly. Simple access controls and project permissions give them the control they need to wrangle the chaos of a fast-evolving engineering team. When things change in Doppler, whether that be secrets or settings, they are recorded through activity logs. To make sure everyone on the team stays in the loop, activity logs can be forwarded to a channel on Slack and Microsoft Teams. Sometimes those changes end up breaking things, which can lead to Doppler support jumping in to help. When that need arises, requests from accounts on the Team plan will be prioritized to unblock you quicker.

For organizations with a growing number of engineering teams, we have the Enterprise plan. It is a robust offering including user groups, SCIM, key management, dynamic secrets, secrets rotation, and dedicated support. If this sounds of interest, start a conversation with our sales team.

Plan details

As of today, Doppler has transitioned to our new plans focused on developers and teams. Here is a breakdown of how the plans are structured:

DeveloperTeam PriceFirst 5 users free

$7/month per additional user7 day free trial

$18/month per user Features20+ IntegrationsUser Access Controls Config BranchingProject Permissions Secrets ReferencingEnvironment Permissions Recurring RemindersSlack Alerts Smart AlertsMicrosoft Teams Alerts WebhooksCompliance Reporting SAML SSOTrusted IPs 99.95% SLO 30 Days of Log Retention Priority Support

Painless migration

To show our gratitude, we have migrated existing accounts so that they gain access to our new features at no additional cost.

If your account currently is on the Community plan, it has been automatically migrated to the new Developer plan. Though the feature offering has expanded, your pricing did not. We will honor your original pricing which allowed for unlimited free users.

If your account currently is on the Standard or Pro plan, it has been automatically migrated to the new Team plan. Behind the scenes, we have grandfathered your price at the existing rate which can be verified on the billing page under the invoices tab. As long as you remain on the Team plan, our billing system will honor the grandfathered pricing.

Thank you 🎉

As always, thanks for being a part of the Doppler community!