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August 16, 2021
Security Updates

Verify Doppler CLI Binary for Install Script

Installing the Doppler CLI using the script now supports binary signature verification using the `--verify-signature` flag.

Learn more by visiting our CLI installation documentation.

April 13, 2021
Security Updates

Achieving SOC 2 Compliance

Developers and organizations trust Doppler with securely managing and serving millions of secrets to their applications and we’re excited to announce that Doppler has achieved SOC 2 Compliance.

Read our announcement blog post to learn more.

February 2, 2021
Security Updates

Vulnerability Disclosure Program Now Public

We're constantly working with security researchers and professionals to improve our security posture and we invite you to collaborate with us by joining our public Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

December 10, 2020
Security Updates

GitHub now scans for leaked Doppler tokens

GitHub now scans your repos for Doppler tokens. Tokens found in public repos will be automatically revoked, preventing exposed tokens from being used to access your secrets.

See the official announcement from GitHub at

November 17, 2020
Security Updates

Invitation to Join our VDP Program

We’re trusted with serving millions of secrets to developers and their apps in a secure, performant, and reliable way. A love for security is built into the core of our DNA and you can help by joining Doppler's Vulnerability Disclosure Program at

September 2, 2020
Security Updates


Want to help improve Doppler's security? Our security.txt shares how to do so safely and securely.

July 22, 2020
Security Updates

MFA: YubiKey support

We've rolled out support for our most requested MFA method: security keys! You can now use a YubiKey and other WebAuthn-based security keys as an additional factor during login. Security keys can be added in addition to OTP/Authy, and we support multiple keys from day one. One piece of personal advice: always add a backup key!

March 2, 2020
Security Updates

Additional OTP 2FA Setup Methods

We've added support for setting up OTP via a manual key. This is in addition to the primary method of scanning a QR code. If you haven't set up OTP yet, try it out today!