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March 30, 2023

Rotate GCP Service Account Keys, Assign Roles to User Groups, Leverage AWS Role Assumption, Create AWS Secret Manager Integrations with Terraform, and more!


  • You can now rotate GCP Service Account Keys with Doppler! Workplaces on Team and Enterprise plans can now experience how rotating the underlying service account keys instead of the key object itself improves auditability and consistency within their infrastructure while maintaining a strong security posture.
  • Use Terraform? Then you can now leverage our API or Terraform Provider to create AWS Secrets Manager Integrations + Syncs no matter what plan you’re on.
  • Want to assign a default role to an entire User Group? Now you can! Enterprise workplaces can now assign a default role to any User Groups. When a user group is added to a project, its role will default to whatever was assigned. Didn’t assign one? The group will fallback to the workplace default role. Learn more about User Groups here.


  • We’ve updated our AWS Secrets Manager and Parameter Store integrations to allow you to leverage AWS' preferred auth method of role assumption when setting up your integration. This allows users on any plan to improve their security posture by using the most secure method of integrating with AWS.
  • Added a helpful safeguard to prevent users from entering notification service URLs (like Slack) as project webhooks.
  • Added a link to the workplace Billing page for users on our Developer and Team plans to be able to request Doppler’s SOC 2 report.


  • Various page load performance improvements
  • Fixed a UI issue which caused some pages to appear completely blank when the browser window is very small
  • Fixed an issue where clicking a Secret from the top search box would not correctly scroll to the Secret if it wasn't visible at that moment