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Modern Guide to Secrets Management

We’ve distilled our knowledge and experience in helping enterprises redefine how they think about secrets management. Doppler takes a universal approach to taming secrets sprawl in a multi-cloud micro-services world at enterprise scale.

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What you will learn

Enterprise organizations constrained by traditional secrets managers and .env files are at greater risk of sensitive credentials falling into the wrong hands. As secrets sprawl across cloud boundaries without sufficient access controls, monitoring, and oversight.

The current state of secrets management.

Why secrets management is more than just encrypted Key-Value storage.

How to avoid secrets manager vendor lock-in to select the best deployment platform for each application.

Why secrets automation should be part of every DevOps strategy.

How traditional secret managers are hurting developer productivity.

What makes enterprise organizations choose Doppler and what you should consider when evaluating a secrets manager.

"Doppler has been pivotal in managing secrets at scale for our remote first company. Our developers love using it daily and the integrations with AWS have streamlined secrets ops."

Gilad Novik