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Sync your secrets with Cloudflare Workers

Doppler makes it easy to consume your secrets in Cloudflare workers.

Use the Doppler CLI in your deployment script with a one-line install.

Setup takes just a minute to start using the secrets in Doppler with your workers. Run a single command to sync your secrets in Doppler with your Cloudflare Workers.

Read the Cloudflare workers integration docs for more information.

Sync With

Cloudflare workers lets you deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

The Doppler Effect
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“Doppler helps reduce the coefficient of friction on everything we're working on and making new business customer facing value not having to worry about all these edge cases”

JP Grace

"Doppler's secrets manager is not only secure but also improves the productivity of our engineers. It is a joy to work with, and it also provides robust security to our (CI/CD) pipelines."

Jermaine Watkins

"I've used Doppler for several days now and set everything up in Heroku, Netlify, AWS and locally. Really great work. I love every single part of Doppler. Super clever features like branching of configs, references to other secrets etc are thought of in such detail. The setup was a breeze and it's saving us so much time. Amazing product!"

Sascha Metz
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