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Doppler and Firebase. Better Together.

Give your engineering team the secrets management, automation, and observability features they deserve.

Rollback Support
Automatic Redeploys
Git style activity log
Fine-grained Access Control
Secrets Referencing
Team Management

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See the Vercel Integration in Action

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Sync Secrets with

Firebase Functions

Integrating Doppler with

Firebase Functions

is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Create Project

Create a Doppler project for your firebase application.

Import Secrets

Import your current Firebase environment variables into Doppler.

Configure Application

Update your package.json to integrate the Doppler CLI.

Access Secrets

Say goodbye to .env files and hello to JSON structured secrets.

Configure CI/CD

Sync secrets from Doppler as part of your deployment workflow.


How does Doppler improve upon Firebase environment variables?

Firebase Function's quirky environment variables behavior is a common source of confusion and frustration for developers, especially during local development.

The Doppler CLI provides a simple rock-solid solution for JSON structured secrets that works seamlessly in both local development and production environments so you can say goodbye to .env and .rutimeconfig.json files for good!

But that's just for starters as Doppler has powerful secrets management workflows built specifically for development teams such as:

And many more!

What about local development? Do I still need to use .env files?

Doppler allows you to say goodbye to both .env and .runtimeconfig.json files by injecting JSON structured secrets during local development using the (largely undocumented) CLOUD_RUNTIME_CONFIG environment variable.

Integrating Doppler means you're always getting the latest version of secrets and without the security risk of secrets living in unencrypted .env files.

Does it cost anything to get started using Doppler with Firebase?

The Heroku integration is free to use and always will be.

Doppler is free for up to 5 accounts on the developer plan and no credit card is required when signing up.

Do you have a working sample application that I can reference?

To view a complete working sample application, check out the yodaspeak-firebase repository on GitHub.

The Doppler Effect

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