Get up to $5,000 credit!

Invite your friends to join Doppler. For every friend you invite, you and your friend will both receive $100 credit. Building something really big? Invite all your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it exactly work?

You can send your personal link to all your friends. For every friend that signs up and creates a new workplace and is not already invited to or part of an existing workplace is eligible. Both you and your friend will get $100 in Doppler Credit. For every friend you invite, you get $100 Doppler Credit.

Does it have to a new paid account?

No, free accounts count as well! Your friend just has to create a new free workplace. You can of course use the $100 credit towards a subscription to try out the paid features!

When do I get the $100 credit?

Right after your friend has signed up for Doppler, we will add $100 credit to your balance. When you feel like trying out some paid features, you can use this credit to start a subscription.

How many friends can I invite?

You can invite as many as you would like. However, we do cap the total amount of referral credit to $5000.