Defining SecretOps,

Starting with Developers

Securing your secrets shouldn't be complicated. We're building the future of SecretOps - because developers deserve better.

Our Story

We know what the potential impact of an improperly managed secret is. We also know that avoiding, remediating, or rolling back mistakes historically hasn’t been easy. Our CEO, Brian Vallelunga founded Doppler to change that.

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Our goal is to 
build a platform teams will love

Today we’ve grown to serve start-ups and enterprises across different industries investing in security and SecretOps

Trusted and used by over 41,000 companies

Our values

Our cultural values and mission are what binds us together as a unified driven team.

Build for Developers

We build to empower and delight developers. There's a difference between liking a product and loving it; we have felt the difference. We optimize to create and retain power users, and move the industry toward a more secure future.

Own your Impact

We index on outcomes, not tasks. We’re willing to reach outside our scope and always follow through to completion. We push for progress and never say ‘that’s not my job’.

Don't Settle

We take bets and embrace the hardness of the problem, even when it’s daunting. We celebrate wins, but also losses. This means we speak openly about mistakes and value direct feedback. We push each other to grow, and are never done learning.

No Jerks

We know great ideas can come from anywhere, so we work to amplify each other’s voices. We leave our egos at the door, and don’t tolerate jerks. Success is not achieved alone - we will only get there together.

1% of all subscriptions are donated to removing CO from the atmosphere

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Our Investors

We are fortunate to be backed by some of the best investors in the world. Chances are you are already using the products they helped to create.

Keeping Secrets Secure

Should Be Simple.

Come Join Us.