Building The Future Of SecretOps

We are boldly going where no SecretOps Platform has gone before, starting with an experience  developers love. We know the right product not only increases security but also boosts productivity.

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Our Mission

Loveable tools

Loveable Tools

Security tools are often process heavy and come with horrible experiences which leads to low usage. At Doppler we strongly believe in building tools that developers will love.

Productivity & Security

Productivity & Security

Doppler's goal is to make vegetables taste like candy. We believe a security tool that has been carefully crafted for the developer experience can also make you more productive.

High Impact

High Impact

We sit in the middle of code and infrastructure. Our customers trust us with their secrets and uptime. That trust is taken very seriously by Doppler.


“It's amazing to finally work on a problem I actually give a sh*t about. I've seen my family struggle with security, my friends, past employers, the public at large. Anything I can do to help make security more accessible for people is worth working on, and that's why I'm at Doppler.”

Thomas Piccirello Founder & CTO Doppler

Thomas Piccirello

Founder & CTO

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Thomas Piccirello

WE Just Raised

Our $20M Series A

We are building the first SecretOps Platform to make it easier for developers to manage secrets at scale. Let's make developers more productive and more secure.

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Our Investors

Backed by highly respected firms and angel investors!

Google Ventures
Google Ventures
Kleiner Perkins
Y Combinator
Abstract Ventures

We help developers move faster.

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