June 23 | How to use Visual Studio dev containers with AWS.
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June 23 | How to use Visual Studio dev containers with AWS.
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Insights and news from the Doppler team.
The Triumph and Tragedy of .env Files
While they may have served us well in the past, it’s time to acknowledge the serious shortcomings of .env files in order to embrace the next evolutionary step.
Why Secrets Management Is NOT Just a Key-Value Store
Explore the most important aspects of secrets management and why Key-Value storage is only the beginning.
What is a Secrets Manager?
It may be crucial to your organization’s security, but credentials management is one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of application development.
Achieving SOC 2 Compliance
Developers and organizations trust Doppler with securely managing and serving millions of secrets to their applications and we’re excited to announce that Doppler has achieved SOC 2 Compliance.
Using Environment Variables in Node.js for App Configuration and Secrets
Learn why experienced Node.js developers use environment variables for application config and secrets, including how to manage default values and typecasting.
Using Environment Variables in Python for App Configuration and Secrets
Learn how experienced developers use environment variables in Python, including managing default values and typecasting.
How to Set Environment Variables in Linux and Mac: The Missing Manual
Most articles only cover the basics so we've attempted to create the "missing manual" for using environment variables in Linux and Mac.
Press Release
Y Combinator company lands $2.3 Million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital.
When Being Scrappy Backfires
When it pays dividends to do it right the first time.
Build vs Manual vs Buy
Maximize value while lowering cost by picking the right secrets manager early on.
Focusing Doppler
A lesson learned building a second product too early and for the wrong reasons.
We Were Vulnerable
Opening a link in a new tab can allow an attacker to take control of the previous tab?
Goodbye ENV Files
What are ENV files and why as an industry should we move away from them?