Doppler and AWS Secrets Manager. Better Together.

Store, manage, and rotate sensitive data like API keys and passwords for enhanced security.

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Doppler's Strategic Alliance with AWS Secrets Manager for Enhanced Security

Transform your secrets management processes with Doppler's integration with AWS Secrets Manager. This powerful synergy simplifies and secures the handling of environment variables and secrets, enhancing both your security posture and operational efficiency.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler: Set up your Doppler project and prepare for integration.
  2. Create IAM Role and Policy: In AWS, create an IAM role with the specific policy for Doppler, and note down the Role ARN.
  3. Authorization in Doppler: Navigate to your Doppler project, go to Integrations, and select AWS Secrets Manager. Enter the required details, including the Role ARN from AWS.
  4. Configure Sync: Choose your Doppler config to sync, set the AWS region, and specify the Path for secret naming in AWS Secrets Manager.
  5. Complete Integration: Finalize the setup in Doppler, and your secrets will start syncing to AWS Secrets Manager.

Why Integrate Doppler with AWS Secrets Manager?

Doppler's integration with AWS Secrets Manager provides a centralized, secure, and efficient way to manage secrets:

  • Enhanced Security: Automated synchronization reduces the risk of manual errors and increases security.
  • Operational Efficiency: Saves time and resources, allowing teams to focus on development rather than secret management.
  • Streamlined Secret Management: Offers a unified approach to manage secrets across different environments and applications.