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Doppler and Vercel. Better Together.

Give your engineering team the secrets management, automation, and observability features they deserve.

Rollback Support
Automatic Redeploys
Git style activity log
Fine-grained Access Control
Secrets Referencing
Team Management

See the Vercel Integration in Action

Install the Doppler from Vercel’s marketplace to configure secrets sync with just a few clicks.

Watch our setup guide
A full walkthrough with Ryan

See the Vercel Integration in Action

Watch our video walkthrough. Get up and running in a few minutes!


Sync Secrets with


Integrating Doppler with


is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Install Doppler

Install Doppler from the Vercel marketplace.

Secrets Sync

Select the initial Vercel application to configure for secrets sync.

Doppler Project Created

Doppler is now the source of truth for managing environment variables for the Vercel application.

Configure Remaining Applications

Create secret syncs for your remaining Vercel applications from the Doppler dashboard.


Why would I use Doppler instead of Vercel’s environment variables UI?

Vercel’s environment variable management UI is fine for standard CRUD operations. What’s missing are the features needed by growing development teams such as Git-style activity log history with rollback support, greater security with user access controls at the project and environment level, SAML SSO, secret rotation reminders, and more.

How should I use environment variables to configure Vercel applications?

Environment variables are the best way to configure Node.js applications and should be used as much as possible because they keep secrets out of source code. They also allow you to have complete control over how your application is configured in every environment.

Once an environment variable has been added via Doppler or the Vercel UI, you can then access that value using the Node.js `process.env` object.

Check out our tutorial on configuring Node.js applications using environment variables at

If I’m using Doppler with Vercel, do I still need to use .env files?

Doppler is designed to sync secrets to every environment, including local development. So goodbye .env files!

Ensure a secrets sync is configured for your Development environment in Doppler, then use the vercel dev command to inject the synced secrets from Vercel into your application locally.

Does Doppler support syncing environment variables to multiple Vercel teams?

Doppler supports syncing environment variables to any number of Vercel teams, even on our free developer plan.

Project and workplace admins can configure integration connections from Doppler to Vercel which when combined with user access controls on our Team plan, allow access to be tightly controlled by specifying which team members can access specific projects and environments within those projects.

Does it cost anything to get started using Doppler with Vercel?

The Vercel integration is free to use and always will be.

Doppler is free for up to 5 accounts on the developer plan an no credit card is required when signing up.

You can also start a free 7 day trial on our Team plan to unlock features such as user access controls, SAML SSO, and Slack activity notifications.

For an Enterprise trial, get in touch.

We’re an enterprise Vercel customer. Does Doppler have an enterprise plan?

Absolutely! As enterprise organizations often have very specific requirements and workflows for managing secrets and environment variables at scale, we’d love for you to book a time to chat with us so we can give you a tailored plan for getting started. Just head to to schedule a time.

Vercel or next.js environment variables are not working. Help!

Usually, the problem will be that the environment variable hasn’t been defined for the environment in which your code is running.

For example, you’ve defined a `STRIPE_API_KEY` in the Preview environment, but not Production. If you’re still stuck and on our Developer plan, head over to where you’ll likely find one of our Support Engineers or Developer Advocates ready to answer your questions.

If you’re on the Team plan, our in-product support is the fastest way to get your issue resolved.

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