Doppler and Vercel. Better Together.

Platform for deploying web applications with instant hosting and serverless functions.

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Seamless Integration: Doppler and Vercel Unite

Elevate your engineering processes with Doppler's integration with Vercel. This partnership offers an advanced, streamlined approach to managing environment variables, enhancing both security and deployment efficiency.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler: Install Doppler from the Vercel marketplace.
  2. Sync Secrets: Select the initial Vercel application to configure for secrets sync.
  3. Create Project: A project will be created making Doppler the source of truth for managing environment variables for the Vercel application.
  4. Configure Applications: Create secret syncs for your remaining Vercel applications from the Doppler dashboard.

Why Integrate Doppler with Vercel?

Doppler offers enhanced secret management workflows specifically designed for development teams, including Git-style activity logs, rollback support, secrets referencing, webhooks on secret changes, and environment-level access controls​​.

Integrating Doppler with Vercel empowers engineering teams by providing a centralized platform for secret management, ensuring enhanced security and reduced risk of mismanagement. The automation of secret synchronization frees up valuable time for development focus.