Get Secrets Where They Need To Be. Securely.

Use Universal Import to push secrets directly to engineering services and production infrastructure with the click of a button.

$npm i @dopplerhq/universal-import-react

You Install

Install the Universal Import javascript library and add the Import button anywhere a secret is shown.

They Import

Once installed, new and existing users can securely import their secrets into the correct location - without ever needing to handle them directly.

We Distribute

Secrets are immediately pushed into the teams, devices, and infrastructure that need them.

Everybody Wins

Secrets are securely pushed to any team member and any device.


Our lightweight react component comes in multiple sizes and can easily be integrated into your app with just a few lines of code.


Universal Import is designed to natively fit into any product, in forms, tables, and full page layouts.


Libsodium Sealed Boxes are used to anonymously and securely send your secret to Doppler encrypted with a public key. Sealed boxes leverage the crypto_box construction, which uses X25519 and XSalsa20-Poly1305.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Universal Import button does not make any analytics requests.