Security, Without All The Friction

We’re trusted with serving billions of secrets to developers and their apps securely and reliably. A passion for security is deep within our DNA.


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We love working with security researchers and professionals
Collaborate with us and the global security research community to improve our security posture.
Bug Bounty Program
Zero Trust Encryption
With Enterprise Key Management (EKM), you fully own and control your encryption keys. Your keys are never exposed to Doppler. Learn more
Secure Storage
Doppler encrypts and tokenizes all customer secrets. Encryption via AES-256-GCM ensures that only authorized parties can access your secrets, while tokenization ensures our internet-exposed infrastructure never has access to encryption keys or ciphertext. All encryption operations happen on separate infrastructure unexposed to the public internet.
Defense in Depth
Doppler's engineers and dedicated security team work together to design and threat model all systems and infrastructure. We rigorously review all code changes, write abstractions to minimize mistakes, harden all deployment infrastructure, and maintain strict corporate security policies. We also run a public Bug Bounty program and undergo white box pen testing by top firms at least annually. Dive deeper
Active DDoS Mitigation
Doppler monitors for and blocks anomalous traffic patterns and spikes to ensure you can always fetch your secrets.

Product Security, at Every Layer

From strong default options to granular access controls, Doppler helps your team stay protected while offering flexibility around your workflow.

Reduce Secrets Sprawl
Achieve compliance by using Doppler as your team's central source of truth. Having a central store eliminates scattered secrets - from your servers and repositories to your developers' laptops.
Encrypted Fallback Files
The Doppler CLI automatically saves fallback files on disk so that you can continue to use your secrets when offline. These files are always encrypted and stored in a folder managed by Doppler.
User Auth Tokens
When authenticating with our CLI, Doppler will create a new token scoped to the user and the device they are on. If the machine is ever lost or compromised, you can revoke its access.
Service Auth Tokens
Using your secrets in staging and production is quick and secure with service tokens. Service tokens are linked to a service and grant read-only access to a specific set of secrets.
Zero Trust Encryption
Doppler can use your cloud KMS for zero trust encryption. You own and control the encryption key used to secure your secrets, including all legal authority over them.
Compliance Monitoring
Connect your SOC 2 compliance service to Doppler for real-time monitoring of your workplace. Fields include user properties and advanced settings like MFA and SSO.
Enforce Strong Passwords
On each registration and login we check if your password has been leaked in a data breach. If so, we share how many breaches it has been a part of and require you to use another password.
Trusted IPs
Lock down your staging and production secrets by building allow lists of IP ranges that can fetch secrets from the Doppler API. This is a great way to reduce exposure if a service token is ever leaked.

Audit Everything

Audit logs capture an immutable history of nearly every action your team performs.

Actions like modifying secrets or setting trusted IPs can be rolled back with just a click.

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Manage Access

Practice least privilege with granular access controls. Reduce exposure when deploying with read-only service tokens. Contractor needs access to just development? Easy!

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Use Single Sign-on

Doppler supports signing in with Google Suite, Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and any other identity provider that supports SAML + SCIM.

Streamline onboarding by setting the default permissions for each user joining the team.

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SAML 2.0
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Enable MFA

Protect access to your Doppler account by requiring a security key at login.

Or use a time-based passcode from an app like 1Password, Authy, or Google Authenticator to add another layer of protection to your account.