Security, Without All the Friction

Trusted with serving billions of secrets to thousands of companies every month. A passion for security is deep within our DNA.

Security, Productized

From strong default options to granular access controls, Doppler helps your team stay protected while offering flexibility around your workflow.

30B+ secrets read every month

Enterprise Key Management

We work alongside you to secure your data. Leveraging your existing AWS or GCP infrastructure, we encrypt your data with an additional key you control. This layered approach ensures transparency in data access while maintaining the highest security standards.

Secure Storage

Doppler encrypts and tokenizes all customer secrets. Encryption via AES-256-GCM ensures that only authorized parties can access your secrets, while tokenization ensures our internet-exposed infrastructure never has access to encryption keys or ciphertext. All encryption operations happen on separate infrastructure unexposed to the public internet.

Defense in Depth

Doppler's engineers and dedicated security team work together to design and threat model all systems and infrastructure. We rigorously review all code changes, write abstractions to minimize mistakes, harden all deployment infrastructure, and maintain strict corporate security policies. We also run a public Bug Bounty program and undergo white box pen testing by top firms at least annually.

DDoS Mitigation

Doppler monitors for and blocks anomalous traffic patterns and spikes to ensure your organization's secrets are always available when you need them.