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Secure your secrets across your enterprise with our governance suite. Manage user provisioning and access controls, while staying on top of compliance.

Eliminate Secrets Sprawl

Doppler gives your enterprise direct control over who has access to secrets, how they are shared, and where they are stored.

Manage Access

Maintain direct control over who has access to secrets, preventing unauthorized access.

Secret Sharing

Safely share secrets among authorized team members and specified 3rd parties at scale.

Audit & Mitigate Risk

Track and monitor user actions, system changes, and data access.

Ready to Scale

Policy Based Access

Bolster security by enabling fine-grained control over who has access to what and when, maximizing compliance and minimizing risk.

Access Controls

Practice least privilege access by narrowly scoping permissions to just the projects and environments that developers need.

User Groups

Assign users to groups with specific access levels, implementing the principle of least privilege for each project.

Custom Roles

Tailor access through fine-grained workplace and project permission profiles. Apply custom roles to users and groups.


Integrating Doppler with your identity provider enables automatic provisioning and deprovisioning of access to both users and groups.

Total Solution

Single Source of Truth

Holistically manage through our hierarchical structure. Leverage environments and configs to group secrets across workloads.

Centralized, Secure Vault

Centralizing your organizations secrets sets the foundation for a strong governance suite by allowing you to analyze and manage the risk of your secrets with precise data and enforceable policies.

Versioning & Recovery

Now that your secrets are centralized in one place, Doppler automatically tracks every version with optional Slack alerts when changes occur. Quickly revert to a prior version to recover from an outage.

Secure Orchestration

Define and automate how secrets are orchestrated throughout your engineering teams and infrastructure. This ensures your secrets are safeguarded while in transit through user configured policies.

Forensic Analysis

Leverage our suite of observability features to make informed decisions around the risk and security of your secrets at scale. With alerting and log forwarding capabilities, you can now perform forensic analysis.

"Doppler has enabled our team to achieve more while worrying less.  Onboarding engineers and projects is now a breeze and we feel safe with Doppler's attention to detail and high standards for security."

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