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Announcing our Doppler SecretOps for Students Program

Doppler is now part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack, educating students with industry best practices for managing secrets.

Jul 13, 2022
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Ryan Blunden
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Announcing our Doppler SecretOps for Students Program
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Announcing our Doppler SecretOps for Students Program

We've partnered with GitHub Education

In partnership with GitHub Education, our SecretOps for Students Program offers free access to the Doppler Team subscription valued at $18 per user per month when accessed through the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Learn more about Doppler's SecretOps for Students Program >

By implementing SecretOps workflows, students get real-world secrets management experience, helping them avoid the typical insecure practices common to junior developers, such as hard-coded secrets and manually managing .env files.

Not only does this help to separate them from the competition by demonstrating knowledge of application security principles, but it can also prevent costly mistakes such as accidentally uploading secrets to GitHub and losing $30,000 of crypto assets.

We're excited for students to learn about SecretOps!

Visit our SecretOps for Students page for more details >

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