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August '23 Doppler Product Update

Aug 30, 2023
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August '23 Doppler Product Update
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August '23 Doppler Product Update

The sun may be setting on summer, but Doppler keeps getting hotter. Dive into August's sizzling product updates and enhancements.

Introducing Our Python SDK

We're thrilled to unveil our Python SDK with the launch of v1.0.0. Easily integrate it into your Python app, allowing you to manage projects, secrets, integrations, activity logs, and more. Whether you're building, testing, or scaling, our Python SDK is your next-level tool for unparalleled growth.

Unlock More Power With Four New Integrations

We've supercharged our sync integration lineup. Say hello to seamless connections with Hasura Cloud, Bitbucket, and GitLab. And, exclusively for our Team and Enterprise plan users, now you can send your Activity Log data directly to Discord, keeping you in-the-loop where your conversations happen. Dive in and elevate your workflows today!

Level Up With Our latest Kubernetes Operator Release

The newest update of the Doppler Kubernetes Operator is here! This version adds support for all Kubernetes managed secret types. You can now use processors to remap Doppler secret names to conform to the required secret keys for secrets or any other secret type.

Auto-Restart With Our Newest CLI Update

Ever wished your processes could adapt on-the-fly as secrets change? Dream no more! Our latest CLI feature brings the --watch flag to the run command to anyone on our Team and Enterprise plans. Now, when secrets evolve, your process auto-restarts – ensuring you're always in sync. It smartly fetches updated secrets, handles termination, and handles restarting your process. Streamline your workflow and let our CLI do the heavy lifting!

What else have we been up to?

  • The advanced secrets and secrets tabs have been consolidated to one tab, dropdown bringing all of your rotated secrets into a central place.
  • We've added a new dropdown next to the active config name that allows you to switch from config to config without needing to go back to your project overview.
  • Doppler Terraform Provider v1.2.3 has been released with support for secret visibility types.
  • We’ve released Doppler CLI v3.65.2, which includes various bug fixes for the tui.
  • Updated our Vercel integration to support Vercel environments with large numbers of projects. Previously, not all projects would be listed.
  • Updated the CircleCI integration to support syncing to CircleCI Contexts.
  • Updated reserved secret names for our Heroku integration sync to include the secrets injected by the Heroku Dyno Metadata labs feature.
  • Added the ability to manage projects from the user detail page. This will allow Admins and Owner roles to manage project access for a specific user in one central place.
  • We’ve improved the design and experience on a workplace’s Billing page. We’ve eliminated the tabbed design that separated information and moved to a single-pane view for easier management and allow for easier access to past invoices. There’s more planned for this page, so stay tuned.
  • Adding a new masked secret now automatically re-masks the value after saving it on the dashboard.
  • Custom roles are now visible to all users within a Workplace.
  • Our React migration continues with two new pages converting over - Team and Groups. This is part of a push to make Doppler more consistent and to improve overall speed and performance.
  • Fixed an issue that now allows users to create rotated or dynamic secrets without needing to create a static secret first.
  • Fixed an error where some users could not view the secrets page without the View All Integrations workplace permission.
  • Fixed an issue where some workplaces were showing Trial Expired when they were on a plan in good standing.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing SSO buttons to render improperly.
  • Fixed an issue that could make it appear as if syncs were stuck processing.

Watch, Read, Attend

  • Read - Our most recent blog post breaks down how you can automate Secrets Rotation with Doppler and GitHub Actions.
  • Attend - Register to join our CEO Brian Vallelunga for an enlightening webinar, Demonstrating security while pursuing your SOC 2, in collaboration with Vanta on September 12th.

What Doppler is Digging This Month

Here's some stuff we're excited about as of late - some of which is built with Doppler! Let us know what cool stuff you're building, reading, or even playing by replying to this email or posting in the Doppler Community, and we might feature your thing next month!

  • Arrange - Arrange lets the planners of the group easily create, share, and collaborate on schedules. Great for teams, families, friends, and students.
  • Vercel AI SDK - Open-source library designed to help accelerate the development of AI apps.
  • Porter - Deploy your applications into your own cloud account in a few clicks. Doesn’t get easier than that!

Stay up to date with new platform releases and get to know the team of experts behind them.

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