Feb 28, 2024
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February '24 Product Update

February '24 Product Update
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February's leap forward brings not just an extra day, but also refined enhancements to Doppler. Keep reading to discover how we're fine-tuning your experience.

Manage Groups in Terraform

The Doppler Terraform provider v1.6.0 is here, now with advanced support for managing users within groups. This significant update is tailored for scalability and efficiency, particularly for our enterprise-scale users, enabling more granular control and streamlined configuration of your environments.

Search by Secret Value

Say goodbye to the frustration of sifting through endless configurations to locate a specific secret. The ability to now search by Secret Value allows you to effortlessly paste a secret into the search bar and instantly pinpoint every configuration it's linked to, saving you valuable time. This feature is being rolled out to your workplace over the coming days.

What else have we been up to?

  • Released CLI v3.67.0 with new configure flags command for customizing CLI behavior and enhanced security through addressed gosec issues.
  • Enhanced the Render integration with service pagination and sorting, improving organization and accessibility beyond the initial 100 services and a new option to redeploy the Render service whenever your secrets are synced.
  • Enhanced the Vercel integration with support for 'sensitive' environment variable types, with the option to now choose sensitive or encrypted , allowing for secure encryption and restricted access during the build stage, with 'sensitive' set as the default option for synced secrets.
  • Improved SSO integrations ensuring seamless acceptance of workplace invites.
  • Resolved an issue importing specific Hasura Cloud environment variables, ensuring seamless integration and configuration management.
  • Released DopplerHQ/secrets-fetch-action v1.1.3 now upgraded to Node 20 for enhanced compatibility ahead of Node 16's deprecation in GitHub Actions.
  • The API now supports filtering by email when listing group members and allows you to retrieve group memberships to verify whether users are part of a group.
  • Upgraded the compare page to alphabetically sort secrets allowing for accurate organization of secrets and configs during comparisons.
  • Updated global search results by removing the project list query limit, enabling workplaces with numerous projects to always locate their desired project efficiently.

Watch, Read, Attend

  • Watch - Check out Twitch streamer ChiefGyk3D enhancing a live project with secure secrets management by integrating Doppler.
  • Read - Navigate the 2024 data breach landscape in our latest blog post, exploring the indispensable role of secrets management in fortifying your defenses against evolving cyber threats.
  • Attend - We're heading to DevOps Days LA next month! If you're attending or a Los Angeles local, let's meet up, and we'll show you how to eliminate secrets sprawl.

What Doppler is Digging This Month

Here's some stuff we're excited about as of late. Let us know what cool stuff you're building, reading, or even playing by replying to this email or posting in the Doppler Community, and we might feature your thing next month!

  • Covenant - Discover Covenant, a new Doppler customer, where tabletop gaming connects with seamless product subscriptions so you never miss a beat in your favorite games.
  • SamaCare - SamaCare, now protected by Doppler, is revolutionizing medical practices by streamlining prior authorizations, allowing more time for patient care at no cost to practices.
  • Spurious Correlations - Correlation is not causation: Enjoy thousands of charts of real data showing actual correlations between ridiculous variables.

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