Jun 25, 2024
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June '24 Product Update

June '24 Product Update
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Beat the heat with our cool new features! Dive into the latest updates and exciting new tools we've launched this month.

Faster Value Type Validation, New 'Direct Reference' and XML Types, and CLI Improvements

Validating value types in the Doppler UI was time-consuming and limited. Now, with faster validation, new types like “Direct Reference” and XML, and support for reading and setting value types in CLI v3.69.0, your workflow is more efficient than ever. Head over to the Doppler dashboard to check it out!

What else have we been up to?

Listen, Read, Watch

  • Listen - Brian Vallelunga, Founder and CEO of Doppler, joined the Alter Everything podcast to discuss the devastating impacts of data breaches on individuals and organizations. He also shares practical strategies to protect your digital secrets. Listen to the episode here.
  • Read - Uncover the challenges and best practices in securing modern software. Dive into Doppler's latest blog post for essential insights and actionable tips for software engineers. Read the full article.
  • Watch - Don't miss the DZone Fireside Chat on "The Future of Secrets Management." Watch it here for valuable insights and expert discussions.

What Doppler is Digging This Month

Here's some stuff we're excited about as of late. Let us know what cool stuff you're building, reading, or even playing by replying to this email or posting in the Doppler Community, and we might feature your thing next month!

  • JavaScript - Enhance Your JavaScript with New Set Methods: Difference, Intersection, and Union!
  • Zelda - New Legend of Zelda game finally makes Zelda the playable hero of Hyrule.
  • LLM Scaling - According to recent estimates, the total stock of human-generated public text stands at approximately 300 trillion tokens. If current trends persist, language models are expected to fully utilize this stock between 2026 and 2032, potentially even sooner if overtraining intensifies.

Stay up to date with new platform releases and get to know the team of experts behind them.

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