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Managing Environments with Doppler and Qovery

We’re excited to announce the Doppler and Qovery partnership.

Mar 20, 2023
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Charrah Hardamon
Managing Environments with Doppler and Qovery
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Managing Environments with Doppler and Qovery

Platforms like Heroku, AWS, and Vercel have changed the way developers work in the cloud. But if you’ve ever had to migrate to or from one of those providers (or others) you know it can be a daunting process. The process is error-prone, often leveraging custom scripts and intricate coordination, neither of which inspire a lot of confidence in the security org. To further complicate things, there isn’t an “easy” way to move, manage, or deploy secrets within those environments.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to manage your environment’s lifecycle - including across clouds. Doppler is excited to partner with Qovery to help with this effort. Qovery provides self-service infrastructure provisioning for faster, more predictable deployments. By combining Qovery and Doppler, developers are able to predictably deploy their infrastructure and secrets - anywhere - in a secure way.

How Qovery and Doppler Work Together

Doppler provides a centralized way to manage secrets across your infrastructure, while Qovery allows you to automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of your environment resources. When used together, Doppler and Qovery can help organizations streamline development and deployment, improve security and compliance, and optimize their costs.

Sample Use Cases

  • Deploying environments
  • Migrating away from environments

Deploying Environments

Doppler arms Qovery users with the secret strategy needed to quickly deploy, rotate, and manage secrets. This enables teams to repeatably deploy new infrastructure and applications securely while simplifying previously complex coordination.

Migrating Away from Environments

Migrating between platforms without a centralized source for your secrets can be a complex and insecure process. Teams need developer-friendly tooling that can automate the process—all without requiring a lot of engineering hours. Luckily with Doppler and Qovery migrating from one platform to the next just means setting up a new integration and syncing. No scripts to write or coordinate - a predictable process that’s easy to observe and reason about.

Looking Ahead

Doppler and Qovery enable developers to confidently deploy their infrastructure in a predictable way while maintaining a secure secrets posture.

To learn more about how to get started with Doppler schedule a custom demo here or kick the tires and sign up for a free account.

To learn more about Qovery, sign up here.

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