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November '23 Doppler Product Update

Nov 29, 2023
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November '23 Doppler Product Update
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November '23 Doppler Product Update

As the year winds down and the chill sets in, we're heating things up with new updates. Dive in to discover how we're keeping your productivity hot even as the temperatures drop!

Create Personal Configs

The manual handling of personal branches for development often leads to a host of challenges. Teams frequently grapple with the cumbersome process of creating and deleting these branches, and resolving conflicts in config names. We often hear the need for more granular permissions so developers can’t see each other’s personal secrets. This not only consumes valuable time but also introduces potential for errors, confusion, non-ideal security stances, and inefficiencies, hindering both individual and team productivity.

Personal Configs are now available to users on all plans and are designed to alleviate these pain points by automatically creating a branch config for each developer that has access to that environment, such as the dev environment. This personal config is private, accessible only to that developer. Personal configs will also help standardize onboarding by allowing you to add a doppler.yaml file to your repo with dev_personal to auto-configure the Doppler CLI in development.

With Personal Configs automatically enabled in all new dev environments by default, the tedious tasks of manual creation, deletion, and conflict resolution of personal branches are a thing of the past. This not only streamlines your workflow but also bolsters security and individual efficiency, ensuring a smoother, more personalized, and conflict-free config management experience. Check out our documentation for more details and also learn how to enable Personal Configs on existing environments.

Manage Dismissed Secrets

In dynamic team environments, keeping track of dismissed secrets can be a significant challenge, especially when multiple engineers are involved. It's easy for important details to be overlooked when a secret is dismissed and forgotten, leading to potential gaps in project management and security.

To address this, we've introduced the ability to view and 'undo' dismissed secrets. This enhancement brings back crucial oversight, allowing you to easily manage and reintroduce previously dismissed secrets into the 'Action Required' section as well as a new Managed Dismiss Secrets option in the menu on each environment of a project. It's a vital step towards ensuring transparency and efficiency in your team's secrets management, keeping your projects streamlined and secure. Go the secrets editor page in a config to try it for yourself.

What else have we been up to?

  • Creating a new role is now simpler with the ability to copy permissions from any existing built-in role. You can also compare the permissions of any role with those of another aiding in more precise access control.
  • We’ve added new native sync integrations for Deno Deploy and Harness, making it even easier to manage your secrets within partner ecosystems.
  • Kubernetes Operator v1.5.0 has been released with added support for syncing subsets of secrets from Doppler configs via a new secrets property.
  • We've fixed a Preview Branch pagination issue with our Vercel integration sync that limited you to choosing from the first 20 branches. All preview branches are now selectable!
  • Links in the Integration area of Workplace Settings now take you to the sync management page where you'll find the sync in question, improving workflow efficiency.
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing AWS Postgres rotated secret integrations from being reconnected.
  • Our React migration is in the final stages with our Integrations page now migrated to React. This expands on our commitment to improving site page performance.
  • Fixed an issue where CircleCI syncs would fail with an Unknown Error (400) when attempting to sync to a standalone CircleCI organization with no external VCS attached.
  • Improved secret value validation for AWS Parameter Store syncs enhancing visibility of potential issues and workflows.
  • Enhanced sync integration error handling for both GitHub Actions and Vercel improving reliability.

Watch, Read, Attend

  • Read - Discover how Traive is revolutionizing fintech for the agricultural industry with Doppler, enhancing security and efficiency in our latest case study.
  • Watch - New to Doppler? Jumpstart your journey with our SecretOps Beginners Series – a video guide designed to make mastering Doppler a breeze.
  • Attend - Join our next fireside chat, The True Cost of Data Breach, on December 12th, to learn common causes of a breach, how to mitigate risks, and stay ahead of trends. Register now!

What Doppler is Digging This Month

Here's some stuff we're excited about as of late. Let us know what cool stuff you're building, reading, or even playing by replying to this email or posting in the Doppler Community, and we might feature your thing next month!

  • Stripe's Black Friday dashboard - Get a glimpse into the bustling world of Black Friday/Cyber Monday transactions with a recap of last weekend’s activity – an intriguing window into the pulse of e-commerce.
  • Therify - An innovative mental health platform built with Doppler. See how they're making a difference in employee well-being.
  • Cybercriminals Can't Agree on GPTs - Explore the debate among cybercriminals about the potential of GPTs in this insightful piece from Sophos.

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