Oct 30, 2023
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October '23 Doppler Product Update

October '23 Doppler Product Update
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Happy Halloween! 🎃 No tricks, just treats from us this month. Our latest product updates and features are so good, it's scary!

Enhanced Webhooks

Our latest update supercharges your CI/CD workflows by enabling automatic triggers whenever your secrets change, including via automated secrets rotation. Additionally, you can now set up webhooks on a per-config basis for easier management of multiple setups. Plus, we've added more details to activity and config logs whenever webhooks change to increase auditability. Webhooks work with a variety of platforms out-of-the-box to make it as easy as possible to set up.

Team Plan Add Ons

We’ve enhanced our Team Plan offerings to better suit the growing needs of organizations. Team plan workplaces now have the ability to unlock a few key Enterprise-grade features without leaving their current plan. Add-ons allow you to enable User Groups, Custom Roles, or a higher integration sync limit for just an additional $9/seat/month for each add-on. Head to your workplace Billing page to check them out.

What Else Have We Been up To?

  • We’ve added a Postman integration to streamline your API development and testing process.
  • Workplaces can now manage Fly.io, Heroku, CircleCI, and Terraform Cloud integrations with added API support.
  • Invite multiple users to your workplace at once with our new bulk invite support by comma separating email addresses.
  • The GitHub Action sync repository selection dropdown is now sorted by name to streamline setup.
  • Fixed an issue with Laravel Forge syncs by resolving issues related to archived servers.
  • Optimized system performance when deleting large projects, environments, and configs.
  • Added API support for waiting to respond until the first sync completes when creating an integration sync.
  • When SAML settings are modified, or logging services are disconnected, workplaces will now be notified via email.
  • Experience a cleaner user interface with fixes for the config Copy Secrets menu in Safari and scroll issues on the Config page.
  • Updated Activity Logs for added or removed config Webhooks to help Workplaces keep track of changes.
  • Resolved issues with Github Actions and Heroku affecting new syncs being created.

Watch, Read, Attend

What Doppler Is Digging This Month

Here's some stuff we're excited about as of late - some of which is built with Doppler! Let us know what cool stuff you're building, reading, or even playing by replying to this email or posting in the Doppler Community, and we might feature your thing next month!

  • Unofficial Doppler Go SDK - Shared in our community, a Doppler user created this to help with their own workflow and opened it up to others. We love to see it!
  • Voiceflow - A low-code platform for designing, prototyping, and building AI chatbots. And it’s built with Doppler!

Daytona - Automates standardized dev environments in any cloud or data center enabling devs to focus on what matters.

Stay up to date with new platform releases and get to know the team of experts behind them.

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