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Launching the world's first SecretOps Platform

Redefining secrets management through multi-cloud secrets sync and automation at enterprise scale.

Oct 01, 2020
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Brian Vallelunga
Founder & CEO
Launching the world's first SecretOps Platform
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Launching the world's first SecretOps Platform

Doppler Unveils First-of-its-Kind SecretOps Platform, Transforming the Developer Experience

Y Combinator Company Lands $2.3 Million in Seed Funding Led by Sequoia Capital, Gains Early Customer Traction

San Francisco, CA – October 6, 2020 – Today, Doppler launched the industry’s first SecretOps Platform, a modern secrets manager offering built to win the hearts and minds of developers. It works across every language, stack and infrastructure, increasing developer productivity while strengthening a company’s overall security. Early adopters, including Stripe, Point Banking, Snackpass, Kopa and Convictional, use Doppler to securely store secrets such as API keys, credentials, ENV variables and database URLs.

“As a FinTech company, security and reliability are paramount,” stated Kenan Pulak, CTO of Point Banking. “Doppler has been critical in maintaining the integrity of our secrets while being extremely easy to use. It’s by far the best secrets management tool I’ve ever used and integrating it into our CI/CD pipeline was a breeze.”

Further validating the need for an advanced secrets manager solution, the company raised $2.3 million in Seed funding led by Sequoia Capital, with participation from Kleiner Perkins, Abstract Ventures and Soma Capital, among others. Individual influencers also participated in financing, including Aaron Levie, Peter Thiel, Nat Friedman, Dylan Field, Kevin Hartz, Greg Brockman, Jeremy Stoppelman and Ben Porterfield, among others.

In an effort to stay competitive, start-ups must move fast to deliver the best product, application and/or solution available. Unfortunately meeting aggressive timelines can require compromised security measures, especially if available products are cumbersome or create roadblocks. These practices are even more prominent when managing secrets during the development process. To keep developers from passing an organization's most valuable secrets though copy-paste, Slack and git-commit, companies have two choices - build a secrets manager in-house, which is very costly, time consuming and fraught with risk; or implement a less agile, hard to use solution.

Unlike today’s current archaic secrets manager options, Doppler delivers the industry’s only SecretOps Platform. With Doppler, organizations can securely manage, easily share and use secrets such as API keys, ENV variables and database URLs in local development and production, across every stack. Key benefits include:

  • Developer Friendly Pricing: Unlike existing solutions which cost a few hundred thousand dollars or charge per secret, Doppler starts free with unlimited users and secrets.
  • Consistency: Doppler gives development teams a single source of truth. Companies can organize secrets across projects and environments. Developers can easily manage secrets within the Doppler dashboard and command line interface (CLI).
  • Increased Productivity: Doppler keeps developer teams in sync, instantly sharing changes across development and production code stores. When developing, developers automatically have access to the right secrets at the right time for each project.
  • Universal Deployment: Doppler works where developers code, going live in minutes, not months. As an organization’s stack scales and evolves, Doppler remains simple. Developers can fetch secrets with containers, serverless or anywhere else.
  • Maintaining Access Control: Doppler reduces exposure in deployment with read-only service tokens. Developers can practice least privilege with granular access controls.
  • Versioning Everything: Doppler adds confidence to a brittle part of the stack with immutable history. Developers can receive optional Slack alerts as things change, rolling back broken changes with a single click or through a robust API and CLI.
“Today’s developers deserve a simple, yet secure SecretOps Platform,” said Stephanie Zhan, Partner at Sequoia. “Doppler captures the entire life cycle of secrets management and makes it easy for developers to integrate Doppler into their workflow, no matter what tools or infrastructure they use. We’re thrilled to partner with Brian and the team at Doppler, at its Seed round, to create a new category around secrets management.”

About Doppler

Doppler built the industry’s first SecretOps Platform. Loved by developers, Doppler SecretOps Platform is a fast, easy, and secure way to store and manage engineering secrets. Doppler provides a central source of truth for API keys, credentials, ENV variables and database URLs. Used by hundreds of organizations, Doppler makes it easy to securely store and share secrets across every language, stack and infrastructure, increasing developer productivity while strengthening a company’s overall security. For more information, please visit Doppler, LinkedIn or @DopplerHQ.

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