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$20m Series A to build the first SecretOps Platform

Redefining secrets management through multi-cloud secrets sync and automation at enterprise scale.

Apr 26, 2022
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Brian Vallelunga
Founder & CEO
$20m Series A to build the first SecretOps Platform
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$20m Series A to build the first SecretOps Platform

We're excited to announce our $20m Series A round led by CRV with participation from existing investors including Google Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and Y Combinator.

40 tech leaders have also joined as angel investors and advisors including GitHub CEO Thomas Dohmke, Datadog CEO Olivier Pomel, Plaid CEO Jean-Denis Greze, Twilio CEO Evan Cooke, Postman CEO Ankit Sobti, and ​​Okta CEO Frederic Kerrest.

By building the first SecretOps Platform, developers and security teams can leave behind the problems caused by .env files, unmanageable secrets sprawl across multiple clouds, and the lack of innovation from traditional secret managers.

The ability to securely store, transmit, and audit secrets has never been more critical as one minor error can lead to catastrophic results. In a world where putting a single space in the wrong place can literally take down a company’s entire website, Doppler makes it easy to prevent leaks and outages with their developer-focused approach. Murat Bicer, General Partner, CRV

A SecretOps Platform is the single source of truth for developers and their teams to manage, store, and automatically sync secrets to every major hosting platform, secrets manager, and infrastructure management tooling such as Kubernetes and Terraform.

The reality is that the legacy way of storing secrets in siloed secrets managers and .env files doesn’t make sense anymore. With Doppler, we can put those days behind us. Just like when GitHub first pioneered the notion of a pull request,—once you see the benefits, there's no turning back. Brian Vallelunga, Doppler CEO

Fuelling Doppler's growth are customers such as Puma, Hopin, ezCater, Toast, Gather, My Muscle Chef, OnDeck, and many others. More than 15,000 teams trust Doppler to manage their secrets with over 1.5 billion secrets synced every month.

Traditional secrets managers were never built to support a multi-cloud deployment strategy or provide developers with the management features they need as part of the software development lifecycle and deployment process.

But we don’t just need slightly better secrets managers. We need a SecretOps Platform. A platform that satisfies the requirements of both Developers and Security Engineers. Development teams and DevSecOps.

Doppler combines all of the key elements DevOps and Security teams need to control who can see and modify secrets at scale as well as an audit trail, versioning, enterprise grade encryption, secrets rotation and dynamic secrets. Brian Vallelunga, Doppler CEO

Doppler also seamlessly integrates and syncs secrets to a growing list of infrastructure tools such as Kubernetes and Terraform, platforms such as GitHub Actions and Vercel, and cloud secret managers such as AWS Secrets Manager and Azure Key Vault.

Doppler's Series A is further confirmation that building the first SecretOps Platform is essential to making secrets automation a first-class citizen in the infrastructure management landscape.

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