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March 16, 2022
Product Launches

Native Render integration now available

Sync your secrets directly to Render with our new native integration. Learn more here.

February 28, 2022

New Doppler Terraform provider resources

The Doppler Terraform provider now supports projects, environments, and configs. Check out the docs here.

February 16, 2022
Product Launches

Dynamic Secrets for AWS IAM is available in beta

Provision AWS IAM users just-in-time with a defined TTL. Check out our docs to learn more.

January 27, 2022
Product Launches

Standardize your Doppler projects with Default Project Environments

Default Project Environments ensure consistency across all of your Doppler projects

January 4, 2022
Product Launches

Forward activity logs to Splunk or Sumo Logic

Forward Doppler activity logs to Splunk or Sumo Logic to strengthen your SIEM posture

November 16, 2021

Service Tokens Now Support Write Access

Service Tokens now support writes, expanding the possible use cases even further

November 10, 2021

Drag and Drop to Import Secrets

Getting started with Doppler is even easier now that you can import your existing secrets via drag and drop with support for ENV, JSON, and YAML formats.

November 8, 2021

Configure CLI with Service Token via stdin

To prevent potential token leakage by malicious process list monitoring, the CLI can now be configured with a Service Token using stdin.

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