Centralize secrets across your organization

Secure your .env files, API keys, and more with our enterprise-grade governance suite.

Your Source of Truth for Secrets

Return on Investment

Pays For Itself

How many developers work at your company? Use the slider below to see the estimated scope and impact of your secrets sprawl problem.

50 users

Estimated average salary of an engineer in your organization.

2 hours

Average hours recovered per developer per week. We do this by preventing missing and misconfigured secrets through secrets management.


Estimated annual savings for your company from eliminating secrets sprawl. Mitigated costs of prevented breaches compounds further savings.

"From a cost savings perspective, most of the savings are from time saved on supporting our self-built hosted application and secrets management platform. But from a development life cycle, the biggest efficiencies are from developers not having to manage their own .env files locally."

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