Doppler and AWS Lambda. Better Together.

Run code without provisioning or managing servers. AWS Lambda automatically scales, and executes code in response to events.

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Elevate your engineering team's secrets management capabilities through the integration of Doppler and AWS Lambda.

This powerful combination provides a streamlined approach for managing, automating, and monitoring secret operations, crucial for handling sensitive data efficiently and securely.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Establish a Doppler project tailored to your application​​.
  2. Import Secrets: Effortlessly import existing secrets into Doppler right from the dashboard or Doppler CLI​​.
  3. Sync Secrets: Integrate secrets directly into AWS Lambda environment variables as part of your deployment workflow, streamlining the process​​.

Why Choose Doppler for Managing Secrets?

Doppler provides robust SecretOps workflows crucial for development teams with key features like:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • Secrets referencing
  • Webhooks for secret changes
  • Environment-level access controls
  • Dynamic secrets

Moreover, Doppler offers a range of benefits beyond the basic functionalities​​.

The Doppler-AWS Lambda integration is essential, offering a quick, powerful, and cost-effective solution for managing your secrets and ensuring your team's productivity and security in handling sensitive data.