Doppler and AWS Parameter Store. Better Together.

Centralized storage for config data and secrets, with easy access and version control.

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Seamless Secret Management with Doppler and AWS Parameter Store Integration

Boost your team's efficiency in secrets management by leveraging the integration of Doppler with AWS Parameter Store. This integration not only streamlines the process but also enhances automation and observability, providing your engineering team with the tools they need for effective secret management.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Create a Doppler project for your application​​.
  2. Import Secrets: Easily import your existing secrets into Doppler using the dashboard or CLI​​.
  3. Connect Doppler: Provide AWS IAM credentials to sync secrets to AWS Parameter Store​​.
  4. Secrets Synchronization: Select the configuration for syncing to AWS Parameter Store​​.
  5. Integration Completion: Once configured, Doppler will instantly and sync secret updates to AWS Parameter Store​​.

Advantages of Using Doppler for Managing Secrets

Doppler offers an array of features for effective secret management, such as:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • Secrets referencing
  • Webhooks for secret changes
  • Environment-level access controls
  • Dynamic secrets

The Doppler and AWS Parameter Store integration empowers your engineering team with a robust, efficient, and secure secret management system, enhancing productivity and data security.