Doppler and Azure DevOps. Better Together.

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Optimize Your Engineering Workflow with the Doppler and Azure DevOps Pipelines Integration

Empower your engineering team with enhanced secrets management, automation, and observability by integrating Doppler with Azure DevOps Pipelines. This integration simplifies managing sensitive data, ensuring streamlined operations and secure handling of secrets.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Set up a Doppler project with a custom Azure DevOps environment.
  2. Import Secrets Easily: Import your current Azure DevOps Pipeline repository variables into Doppler.
  3. Create Doppler Service Token: Establish a Doppler Service Token for read-only access to Azure DevOps configurations, enhancing security​​.
  4. Authenticate: Add the DOPPLER_TOKEN secret pipeline variable for authenticating secrets requests through the Doppler CLI​​.
  5. Configure Pipelines: Update your azure-pipelines.yml to inject environment variable secrets into your build script or commands using the Doppler CLI​​.

Why Doppler for Azure DevOps?

Doppler offers comprehensive SecretOps workflows essential for development teams, including:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • Secrets referencing
  • Webhooks for secret changes
  • Environment-level access controls
  • Dynamic secrets

These features make Doppler a powerful tool for managing secrets efficiently and securely​​.

With a Doppler and Azure DevOps Pipelines integration, teams can achieve a more streamlined, secure, and efficient secrets management process.