Doppler and Azure Key Vault. Better Together.

Store and manage keys, secrets, and certificates for safeguarding sensitive information.

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Empower Your Secret Management with the Doppler and Azure Key Vault Integration

Transform the way your engineering team manages secrets with the integration of Doppler and Azure Key Vault. This collaboration offers a streamlined, efficient approach to secrets management, automation, and observability, ensuring your team has the best tools at their disposal.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Create a project for your application in Doppler.
  2. Import Secrets: Seamlessly import your existing secrets into Doppler via the dashboard or CLI for centralized management​​.
  3. Azure Key Vault URI: Locate and copy the Azure Key Vault URI for secure setup​​.
  4. Secrets Synchronization: Select the appropriate Doppler configuration and enter your Azure Key Vault URI​​.
  5. Complete Integration: Doppler will now automatically sync updates to Azure Key Vault, maintaining real-time secret management​​.

Why Doppler for Azure Key Vault?

Doppler offers advanced secret management features essential for development teams, such as:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • Secrets referencing
  • Webhooks on secret changes
  • Environment-level access controls
  • Dynamic secrets

These functionalities provide a comprehensive and secure secret management solution​​.

Integrating Doppler with Azure Key Vault equips your team with an efficient, secure, and advanced system for managing secrets, enhancing productivity and data security.