Doppler and Bitbucket. Better Together.

Version control platform for code collaboration, tracking changes, and managing repositories.

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Enhance Your Engineering Workflow with the Doppler and Bitbucket Integration

Empower your team with the Doppler and Bitbucket integration, a powerful combination that offers advanced secrets management, automation, and observability. This integration is designed to optimize your team's workflow from concept to cloud.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Establish a Doppler project with a custom Bitbucket environment.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your current Bitbucket repository variables into Doppler for centralized management​​.
  3. Simplified Service Token Management: Implement the DOPPLER_TOKEN variable, replacing existing repository variables for streamlined access​​.
  4. Configure Your Pipeline: Update your bitbucket-pipelines.yml to inject environment variable secrets using the Doppler CLI, enhancing the security and efficiency of your builds​​.

Why Integrate Doppler with Bitbucket?

Doppler’s integration with Bitbucket enriches your team's capabilities by providing advanced secrets management features. It leverages Bitbucket's strengths in CI/CD, collaboration, and code security, ensuring a seamless, secure, and efficient workflow.

The Doppler and Bitbucket integration brings together the best of both platforms, offering a robust, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets. This integration is a key enabler for teams looking to enhance productivity and streamline their development workflows.