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Doppler and Bitbucket. Better Together.

Give your engineering team the secrets management, automation, and observability features they deserve.

Rollback Support
Automatic Redeploys
Git style activity log
Fine-grained Access Control
Secrets Referencing
Team Management

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See the Vercel Integration in Action

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Sync Secrets with


Integrating Doppler with


is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Create Project

Create a Doppler Project with a custom Bitbucket environment.

Import Secrets

Import your current Bitbucket repository variables into Doppler.

Add Doppler Service Token

Replace your existing repository variables with a DOPPLER_TOKEN variable.

Configure Pipeline

Update your bitbucket-pipelines.yml to inject environment variable secrets into your build script or command using the Doppler CLI.


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The Doppler Effect

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