Doppler and Buddy. Better Together.

DevOps automation platform that streamlines development workflows with CI/CD pipelines, enabling teams to build, test, and deploy applications efficiently.

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Optimize CI/CD Pipelines: Doppler's Dynamic Integration with BuddyCI

Harness the power of Doppler's secrets management within your BuddyCI pipelines. This integration streamlines your CI/CD process, ensuring secure and efficient handling of environment variables and secrets.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler in BuddyCI: Add a Local shell action to your BuddyCI pipeline and customize the environment to include the Doppler CLI.
  2. Configure Environment: Select your preferred Docker image and add the Doppler CLI installation commands to your pipeline's environment setup.
  3. Create Doppler Service Token: Generate a service token from your Doppler project for the CI/CD pipeline and securely add it to your BuddyCI pipeline as an encrypted variable.
  4. Set Up Pipeline: Configure your pipeline with a build command that fetches secrets from Doppler, such as doppler run -- printenv | grep DOPPLER.
  5. Run and Test: Execute your pipeline to test and confirm the successful integration of Doppler with BuddyCI.

Why Integrate Doppler with BuddyCI?

  • Centralized Secrets Management: Manage all your CI/CD secrets in Doppler, reducing the risk of mismanagement and exposure.
  • Automated Secrets Injection: Doppler seamlessly injects secrets into your BuddyCI pipelines, eliminating manual efforts and potential errors.
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: With Doppler's robust secrets management, ensure compliance with security policies and standards.