Doppler and CircleCI. Better Together.

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Optimize Your DevOps Workflow with the Doppler and CircleCI Integration

Enhance your engineering team's efficiency in secrets management by integrating Doppler with CircleCI. This powerful combination offers the automation, observability, and control needed for effective management of sensitive data.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Create a Doppler project with a custom CircleCI environment​​.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your current CircleCI environment variables into Doppler for centralized management​​.
  3. CircleCI API Key: Provide Doppler with access to sync secrets for your team or account​​.
  4. Connection Setup: Use your CircleCI API key to establish a connection with Doppler​​.
  5. Secrets Synchronization: Select the CircleCI config and project for syncing secrets​​.
  6. Automatic Updates: Doppler instantly and automatically syncs secret updates to CircleCI​​.

Why Choose Doppler for CircleCI?

Doppler provides powerful SecretOps workflows essential for development teams, including:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • secrets referencing
  • webhooks on secret changes
  • environment-level access controls
  • dynamic secrets

By integrating Doppler with CircleCI, your team gains a robust, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets, which complements CircleCI's advanced CI/CD capabilities. This integration is key for teams aiming to enhance productivity and streamline their development and deployment processes.