Doppler and Cloudflare Workers. Better Together.

Serverless platform for deploying and running code at the edge of the network, enhancing web performance.

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Enhance Your Engineering Workflow with the Doppler and Cloudflare Workers Integration

Elevate your team's secrets management, automation, and observability by integrating Doppler with Cloudflare Workers. This integration streamlines your workflow, ensuring effective and secure handling of sensitive data.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Set up a Doppler project for your Cloudflare Worker​​.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your current Cloudflare Worker secrets into Doppler​​.
  3. Install Wrangler CLI: Required for setting Cloudflare Worker secrets, integrating with your deployment workflow​​.
  4. Secrets Synchronization: Use the Wrangler CLI to sync Doppler secrets to your Cloudflare Worker as part of your deployment workflow.
  5. Automatic Updates: Doppler instantly and automatically syncs secret updates to Cloudflare Workers​​.

Why Doppler for Cloudflare Workers?

Doppler provides powerful SecretOps workflows that development teams need, including:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • secrets referencing
  • webhooks on secret change​​

By integrating Doppler with Cloudflare Workers, your team gains a robust, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets, complementing Cloudflare Workers' advanced serverless capabilities. This integration is key for teams aiming to enhance productivity and streamline their development and deployment processes.