Doppler and DigitalOcean. Better Together.

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Maximize Your DevOps Efficiency with the Doppler and DigitalOcean Integration

Integrate Doppler with DigitalOcean to enhance your engineering team's capabilities in secrets management, automation, and observability. This integration brings together two powerful platforms, streamlining your workflow and ensuring secure handling of sensitive data.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Set up a Doppler project for your application.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your existing secrets into Doppler for easy management​ via the dashboard or Doppler CLI.
  3. Service Token Creation: Generate a service token in Doppler, providing read-only access to production secrets​​.
  4. Configure Doppler CLI: Install and configure the Doppler CLI with your service token to integrate seamlessly with DigitalOcean​​ using a User data script.
  5. Secrets Synchronization: Use the Doppler CLI Secrets Access Guide to find the appropriate secrets sync method for your application​​.

Why Doppler for DigitalOcean?

Doppler provides critical SecretOps workflows, including:

  • Git-style activity logs
  • rollback support
  • secrets referencing
  • webhooks on secret changes
  • environment level access controls
  • dynamic secrets​​

Integrating Doppler with DigitalOcean empowers your team with a robust, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets. This combination leverages DigitalOcean's high-performance, user-friendly, and cost-effective cloud solutions, enhancing your team's productivity and streamlining development and deployment processes.