Doppler and Docker. Better Together.

Platform for building, sharing, and running applications in containers for consistent deployment.

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Streamline Your DevOps with Doppler and Docker Integration

Integrating Doppler with Docker empowers your engineering team with advanced secrets management, automation, and observability. This combination enhances your team's ability to manage sensitive data effectively and securely within Docker environments.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Set up a Doppler project for your application.
  2. Secrets Import: Import existing secrets into Doppler using the dashboard or CLI​​.
  3. Secrets Integration Options: Doppler offers multiple integration options with Docker:
    1. Embed the Doppler CLI in your Docker image to inject secrets at container runtime​​.
    2. Inject environment variables into the container from the host using the Doppler CLI​​.
    3. Consume Kubernetes secrets synced by the Doppler Kubernetes Operator

Why Doppler for Docker?

Doppler provides powerful SecretOps workflows crucial for development teams, including:

  • Git-style activity logs with rollback support
  • Secrets referencing
  • Webhooks for secret changes
  • Environment-level access controls
  • Dynamic secrets

By integrating Doppler with Docker, your team gains a powerful, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets, complementing Docker’s strengths in containerization, CI/CD, and resource-efficient application deployment. This integration is key for teams looking to optimize their development and deployment processes.