Doppler and Firebase Functions. Better Together.

Serverless framework for deploying event-driven functions as part of Firebase services.

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Streamline Your DevOps Efficiency with the Doppler and Firebase Functions Integration

Integrating Doppler with Firebase Functions enhances your engineering team's capabilities in secrets management, automation, and observability, offering a streamlined solution for managing sensitive data within Firebase environments.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Establish a Doppler project for your Firebase application.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your current Firebase environment variables into Doppler for centralized management​​.
  3. Configure Your Application: Update your package.json to integrate the Doppler CLI​.
  4. Accessing Secrets: Replace .env files with JSON structured secrets, streamlining the management of environment variables​​.
  5. CI/CD Integration: Sync secrets from Doppler as part of your deployment workflow, ensuring up-to-date and secure access to environment variables​

Why Integrate Doppler with Firebase?

Doppler offers enhanced secret management workflows specifically designed for development teams, including Git-style activity logs, rollback support, secrets referencing, webhooks on secret changes, and environment-level access controls​​.

Integrating Doppler with Firebase Functions provides a robust, efficient, and secure system for managing secrets, complementing Firebase Functions' serverless architecture and automatic scaling capabilities. This integration is essential for teams looking to optimize their development and deployment processes in a serverless environment.