Doppler and GCP Cloud Build. Better Together.

Service automating builds and tests, enabling CI/CD for software development on Google Cloud.

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Optimize Your DevOps with Doppler and GCP Cloud Build Integration

Doppler's integration with GCP Cloud Build revolutionizes your DevOps workflow, offering a seamless approach to managing environment variables and enhancing deployment security.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Create a Project: Create a Doppler project with a custom GCP Cloud Build environment.
  2. Import Secrets: Import your existing GCP Cloud Build variables into Doppler.
  3. Set Up Service Token: Generate a Doppler service token for read-only access.
  4. Add Token Variable: Add the _DOPPLER_TOKEN variable to your Cloud Build Trigger.
  5. Configure Pipeline: Update your .cloudbuild.yaml file to install the Doppler CLI and inject secrets as environment variables into any script or command.

Why Integrate Doppler with GCP Cloud Build?

Doppler offers enhanced secret management workflows specifically designed for development teams, including Git-style activity logs, rollback support, secrets referencing, webhooks on secret changes, and environment-level access controls​​.

This integration is a strategic move for engineering teams, offering a centralized and secure platform for managing secrets. It simplifies secret management, ensuring robust security while automating the synchronization process. This results in improved efficiency and focused development efforts.