Doppler and GCP Secret Manager. Better Together.

Securely manage, store, and access sensitive data and API keys across Google Cloud.

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Securely Sync Secrets: Doppler's Integration with GCP Secret Manager

Optimize your secret management processes with Doppler's integration with GCP Secret Manager. This synergy provides a secure, automated method for synchronizing secrets between Doppler and GCP, enhancing both your security posture and operational efficiency.

Getting Started is Quick and Intuitive

  • Prerequisite Setup: Ensure you have a GCP account, the gcloud CLI installed, and the Secret Manager API enabled for your GCP project.
  1. Create IAM Service Account: Utilize the gcloud CLI to create a service account specifically for Doppler. This account should have the SecretManagerAdmin policy attached with a prefix limiting Doppler's access to specific secrets.
  2. Generate Service Account Key: Create and download the JSON key for your new service account. This key will be used to connect Doppler to your GCP Secret Manager.
  3. Authorize in Doppler: Navigate to your Doppler project, select Integrations, and choose GCP Secret Manager. Enter the necessary prefix and paste the JSON credentials to authorize the connection.
  4. Configure Sync Settings: Choose the Doppler config to sync, select the desired GCP region(s), and define the secret name for the GCP secret manager.

Why Integrate Doppler with GCP Secret Manager?

  • Automated Secret Synchronization: Automatically sync your updated secrets from Doppler to GCP Secret Manager, ensuring consistency and reducing manual effort.
  • Enhanced Security and Version Control: Every change in Doppler creates a new secret version in GCP, maintaining a robust history and easy rollback options.
  • Simplified Secret Management: Manage your secrets in Doppler and let the integration handle the sync to GCP, streamlining your workflows and bolstering security.

By integrating Doppler with GCP Secret Manager, your team gains a centralized and secure platform for managing secrets, significantly reducing the risk of mismanagement and enhancing operational efficiency. The integration ensures that your secrets are always up-to-date and consistently managed across your cloud infrastructure.