Doppler and GitHub Actions. Better Together.

Automation tool for building, testing, and deploying code directly from GitHub repositories.

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GitHub Actions Reimagined: Integrating with Doppler for Secure Workflows

Elevate your deployment workflows with Doppler's integration with GitHub Actions. This integration offers a powerful, streamlined way to manage environment variables, boosting both security and deployment efficiency.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Authorize Doppler: Navigate to your Doppler project, select "Integrations," then choose GitHub. Authorize the Doppler GitHub Application for your account or organization.
  2. Select Repositories: Choose the repositories Doppler will have access to for syncing secrets.
  3. Configure Integration: Select the Doppler config and the GitHub repository where you want to sync secrets. Doppler will automatically sync all secrets in the chosen config.
  4. Multiple Environments and Organization Secrets: Optionally, if your GitHub repository is public, leverage GitHub Environments for syncing. For GitHub Organizations, choose between syncing to all or private repositories.

Why Integrate Doppler with GitHub Actions?

  • Centralized Secret Management: Manage your GitHub Action secrets centrally from Doppler, ensuring consistency across your workflows.
  • Automatic Sync: Changes in Doppler are instantly reflected in GitHub Secrets, simplifying updates and removals.
  • Flexible Environment Handling: Adapt to multiple deployment environments easily, with support for different GitHub Environments and Organization Secrets.
  • Enhanced Security: Reduce the risk of mismanagement and enhance security by managing secrets through Doppler's robust platform.