Doppler and GitLab. Better Together.

DevOps platform for managing code repositories, CI/CD, and collaboration in a single tool.

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Mastering CI/CD with Doppler and GitLab

Elevate your CI/CD workflows with Doppler's integration with GitLab. This powerful combination simplifies secret management, enhancing both the security and efficiency of your deployment processes.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. GitLab Access Token Creation
    1. Navigate to your GitLab dashboard, click on the Avatar menu, and select 'Access Tokens'.
    2. Create a new personal access token with api scope (select 'Maintainer' role for Project tokens).
  2. Doppler Integration
    1. In your Doppler project, go to 'Integrations' and select 'GitLab'.
    2. Set a name for the sync and provide the created GitLab Access Token.
  3. Configuration
    1. Choose a Doppler config to sync with GitLab.
    2. Set up the integration, and your Doppler secrets will sync as GitLab CI/CD variables.

Why Integrate Doppler with GitLab?

Doppler offers an enhanced secret management system tailored for development teams. Key features include Git-style activity logs, rollback support, secrets referencing, and webhook notifications on secret changes. This integration empowers teams with:

  • Centralized secret management across Doppler and GitLab.
  • Automated synchronization of secrets, streamlining CI/CD pipelines.
  • Improved security and streamlined workflows, freeing up development time for core tasks.