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Doppler and Heroku. Better Together.

Give your engineering team the secrets management, automation, and observability features they deserve.

Rollback Support
Automatic Redeploys
Git style activity log
Fine-grained Access Control
Secrets Referencing
Team Management

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Sync Secrets with


Integrating Doppler with


is easy and only takes a few minutes.

Create Project

Create a Doppler project for your Heroku application.

Connect Doppler

Authorize the Doppler Heroku application.

Secrets Sync

Select which Doppler config to sync with your Heroku application.

Integration Connected

Doppler will now instantly and automatically sync secret updates to your Heroku application.


How is Doppler better than Heroku Config Vars?

GitHub secrets provides the essential features you need from an encrypted Key-Value store but is missing some powerful features development teams need such as:

And many more!

Can secrets be synced to Pipelines?

Yes! Secrets are able to be synced to Pipelines and Applications.

Can secrets be synced to Review Apps?

Yes! You can sync secrets to a Review App just like a standard application. Just be sure to select Import, Preferring Doppler from Import Options.

What about local development? Do I still need to use .env files?

Doppler is designed to sync secrets to every environment, including local development. So goodbye .env files!

Simply install the Doppler CLI and use the doppler run command to inject secrets as environment variables into your application. Supports all popular languages and frameworks.

Does it cost anything to get started using Doppler with Heroku?

The Heroku integration is free to use and always will be.

Doppler is free for up to 5 accounts on the developer plan and no credit card is required when signing up.

The Doppler Effect

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