Doppler and Kubernetes. Better Together.

Container orchestration platform managing and scaling applications across various environments.

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Doppler & Kubernetes: Revolutionizing Secrets in Containerized Environments

Optimize your Kubernetes deployments with Doppler's sophisticated integration. This partnership provides an advanced, streamlined approach to managing secrets in Kubernetes clusters, enhancing both security and operational efficiency.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler Kubernetes Operator: Deploy the Doppler Secrets Operator in your cluster using Helm or kubectl.
  2. Configure DopplerSecret: Set up the DopplerSecret custom resource to define the Doppler config to sync, the associated Kubernetes secret to manage, and the namespace for creation.
  3. Service Account and Role Setup: Create an IAM role for Doppler with the required permissions and configure your service account to use this role.
  4. Secrets Sync Setup: Generate a Doppler Token Secret and a DopplerSecret CRD to start the secrets sync process.
  5. Deploy and Automate: Utilize the managed secrets in your Kubernetes deployments and enable automatic reloading for seamless secret updates.

Why Integrate Doppler with Kubernetes?

Doppler's integration with Kubernetes offers advanced secret management features, designed for complex Kubernetes environments:

  • Automatic Secret Syncing: Continuously sync secrets from Doppler to Kubernetes, streamlining management and reducing manual intervention.
  • Advanced Deployment Strategies: Manage secrets across multiple namespaces and projects efficiently with the Doppler Kubernetes Operator.
  • Automatic Redeployments: The Doppler Kubernetes Operator automatically reloads deployments that reference managed secrets, ensuring applications always use the latest version of secrets.