Doppler and Laravel Forge. Better Together.

Management tool simplifying server provisioning and deployment for Laravel applications.

Streamline Your Laravel Deployment: Doppler’s Forge Integration

Elevate your Laravel development and deployment processes with Doppler's integration with Laravel Forge. This partnership provides a streamlined method for managing environment variables, enhancing both security and deployment efficiency.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler: First, ensure you have Doppler set up for your project. Doppler provides a central hub for managing your secrets efficiently and securely.
  2. Forge API Key: Create an API key in your Laravel Forge account. Navigate to your account settings in Laravel Forge and click "Create new Token" to generate your API key.
  3. Authorization: In your Doppler project, navigate to Integrations and select "Laravel Forge". Enter the name for your integration and paste the API Key you created in Laravel Forge. Click "Connect" to link your Laravel Forge account with Doppler.
  4. Configuration: Now, choose the server and site in Laravel Forge where you want to integrate your Doppler secrets. Then, select the Doppler config you wish to sync.
  5. Hit "Setup Integration" to complete the setup. Your selected Doppler config's secrets will now be continuously synced to your Laravel Forge site.

Why Integrate Doppler with Laravel Forge?

Integrating Doppler with Laravel Forge offers significant benefits:

  • Centralized Secret Management: Manage all your Laravel application secrets in one place with Doppler, ensuring consistent and secure access across environments.
  • Automatic Syncing: Once set up, your secrets are automatically updated in Laravel Forge whenever changes are made in Doppler.
  • Enhanced Security: Doppler's robust security model adds an additional layer of protection to your Laravel application's secrets.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Reduce manual overhead and minimize the risk of errors by automating the secrets synchronization process.