Doppler and Serverless. Better Together.

Framework enabling deployment and scaling of applications without managing servers.

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Transform Your Serverless Workflows with Doppler’s Seamless Integration

Transform your serverless application deployments with the integration of Doppler and the Serverless framework. This powerful combination simplifies and secures the management of environment variables, enhancing the deployment process for serverless applications.

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

  1. Install Doppler CLI: Ensure the Doppler CLI is installed and authenticated on your development machine.
  2. Update Serverless Configuration: Utilize Doppler's dynamic environment variable injection to keep your serverless.yaml file up-to-date with the latest secrets. You can either manually update your serverless.yaml file with references to Doppler secrets or automate this process by creating a serverless.yaml.tmpl template file.
  3. Automate YAML Updates: Use the Doppler CLI to render a new serverless.yaml file on demand, ensuring all current secrets are included:

Deploy with Doppler: Inject Doppler secrets as environment variables directly into your deployment process:

Why Integrate Doppler with Serverless?

Integrating Doppler with your Serverless framework setup offers numerous benefits:

  • Automated Secret Syncing: Doppler ensures that your serverless applications always have access to the latest version of your secrets.
  • Simplified Secret Management: Manage all your secrets in one place and inject them seamlessly into your Serverless deployments.
  • Enhanced Security: Reduce the risk of secret exposure by avoiding hardcoded values and manual secret updates in your serverless.yaml files.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Doppler's integration streamlines your development and deployment processes, making it easier to manage secrets across multiple environments.