Stop Manually Syncing Secret Updates in K8s

Automatically sync and deploy your secrets to Kubernetes. Set up once and let Doppler

handle the rest.

20B+ Secrets Read Every Month

Enter the New Era of Secrets Management

Eliminate secrets sprawl by centralizing all your secrets with fine-grained access controls.


Centralize and control your secrets across projects and teams.


Secure your secrets with our enterprise-grade governance suite.


Fetch and edit your secrets where you edit your code.


Automatically sync your secrets and redeploy your infrastructure when secrets change.


Achieve and maintain compliance with enterprise observability.

Secure your development pipeline with secrets management

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Why Integrate Doppler with Kubernetes?

Doppler's integration with Kubernetes offers advanced

secrets management features.

Automatic Secret Syncing

Continuously sync secrets from Doppler to Kubernetes, streamlining management and reducing manual intervention.

Advanced Deployment Strategies

Manage secrets across multiple namespaces and projects efficiently with the Doppler Kubernetes Operator.

Automatic Redeployments

The Doppler Kubernetes Operator automatically reloads deployments that reference managed secrets, ensuring applications always use the latest version of secrets.

“The Kubernetes Operator works like a charm. Doppler enabled us to manage secrets in a really professional and easy way. Most of our secrets are used in Kubernetes or GitHub actions. The Kubernetes Operator works like a charm, restarting the pods whenever needed (a secret changed)”

Edoardo D.
[G2 Review]

Getting Started is Simple and Quick

Ensure your applications always have the latest version of secrets.

Step 1

Install Doppler Kubernetes Operator

Step 2

Service Account and Role Setup

Step 3

Generate a Doppler Token Secret

Step 4

Create DopplerSecret CRD

Step 5

Deploy and Automate

Frequently Asked Questions

Doppler empowers engineers and their teams to securely store and manage their sensitive application secrets like API keys, database URLs, certificates, etc. allowing them to orchestrate their secrets at scale. The Doppler platform includes an intuitive dashboard, REST API, command-line tool, and a growing list of integrations.