Develop locally,

code and secrets

Never leave your favorite IDE with our VS Code extension. Edit your secrets alongside your code, with 2 way sync so they are always kept up to date. Consume your secrets as environment variables with the Doppler CLI.

Stay Focused

Gone are the days of missing secrets disrupting your focus. Doppler automatically keeps you in sync with the rest of your team.

Personal Configs

You and your teammates each get a private development config, which holds your secrets.

You Push

When you are ready, push updates to your team by promoting changes the root config.

They Pull

On update, Doppler automatically pulls the latest secrets for your team members.

VS Code

Your secrets, now in your favorite editor. Doppler uses a virtual file system to securely edit your secrets in YAML, without ever touching disk storage.

YAML Format

Securely edit your secrets in YAML with syntax highlighting and autocomplete.

Split Screen

Use VS Code split screens to see your secrets side-by-side with your code.

Secret Peeking

Quickly see the value of a secret in code by hovering over an environment variable.

Doppler CLI

Inject your secrets as environment variables at boot time. You can also use the CLI to edit secrets, manage projects, view logs, and much more...

Universal Support

The CLI works where you do, natively supporting every language, framework, runtime, and infrastructure.

$doppler run -- ./

Auto Restarts

When your secrets change, automatically restart your applications with the latest secrets using the watch command.

$doppler run --watch -- ./

High Availability

The CLI automatically creates encrypted fallback files so you continue developing offline. When you are back online, the fallbacks get refreshed.

$doppler run -- ./

Terminal Interface

Prefer coding in Vim or EMACs? Our terminal user interface (TUI) is a lazygit style editor with all the familiar keybindings.

$doppler tui

"Doppler helps Searchlight ensure that our engineering practices meet the highest security and privacy standards. Their developer interface makes secret management a breeze, and the workflow is instrumental to keeping our distributed team in sync."

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