Manage your secrets at scale

Centralize your secrets across projects, teams, and infrastructure. It's time your engineers had a developer-first secrets management experience.

Source of Truth

Holistically manage through our hierarchical structure. Leverage environments and configs to group secrets across workloads.


Projects sit at the root of our hierarchical structure. Each project is typically aligned with a single application or service.


Each project comes with development, staging, and production environments. You can define the defaults and create one-offs.

Personal Configs

A config is a vault of secrets. Each developer automatically gets their own personal and private development config per project.

Branch Configs

Each environment has a root and branches. Branches are for tuning deployments while smartly inheriting secrets from the root.

Instant Synchronization

Changes are synchronized in real-time across all teams and infrastructure, maintaining operational consistency.

Secrets Editor

Our editor is a first of it's kind, designed from the ground up for developers. It's lightning fast, highly flexible, and prevents accidental outages.

Multiple Formats

Quickly import your secrets into Doppler from a variety of formats. Upload your .env, yaml, and json files. Export to these formats as well from the dashboard, CLI, and API.

Multi-line Secrets

Gone are the days of fiddling with multi-line secrets such as encryption keys. Doppler supports complex use-cases such as embedding yaml and json within individual secrets.

Missing Secrets Detection

Mitigate outages by automatically detecting and alerting the right team members when secrets are missing.


Keep your team informed by instantly sharing relevant and critical information about individual secrets across environments.

Versioning and Recovery

Every version of a secret is automatically captured. Quickly revert to a prior version to recover from an outage.


Give your developers the powers to automate the pain away.

Secrets Referencing

Prevent stale duplicate secrets by referencing them. Update them once and Doppler will propagate the changes.

Mask Secrets

Set the visibility type based on how sensitive the secret is. Some secrets are more sensitive and should never be seen by a human.

Secret Generation

Generate cryptographically secure random values, keys pairs, and symmetric keys.


Setup scheduled notifications for when secrets expire or need to be rotated.


Use expiring end-to-end encrypted links to share secrets with 3rd parties.

"Doppler has helped us drastically improve the developer experience at On Deck by having a single source of truth for all our environment variables."

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Zach Waterfield
Engineering Manager

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