Manage your

secrets at scale

Centralize your secrets across projects, teams, and infrastructure. It's time your engineers had a developer-first secrets management experience.

Source of Truth

Holistically manage through our hierarchical structure. Leverage environments and configs to group secrets across workloads.

Secrets Editor

Our editor is a first of it's kind, designed from the ground up for developers. It's lightning fast, highly flexible, and prevents accidental outages.

Multiple Formats

Quickly import your secrets into Doppler from a variety of formats. Upload your .env, yaml, and json files. Export to these formats as well from the dashboard, CLI, and API.

Multi-line Secrets

Gone are the days of fiddling with multi-line secrets such as encryption keys. Doppler supports complex use-cases such as embedding yaml and json within individual secrets.


Give your developers the powers to automate the pain away.


Use expiring end-to-end encrypted links to share secrets with 3rd parties.

"Doppler has helped us drastically improve the developer experience at On Deck by having a single source of truth for all our environment variables."

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Zach Waterfield
Engineering Manager

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