Secrets Rotation

Actively safeguard your secrets from costly and damaging data breaches. Seamlessly rotate your credentials regularly without downtime.

Effortless Rotations

Rotating secrets is not optional for enterprises who are prime targets for attackers. With Doppler, rotate thousands of secrets in minutes.

Scheduled Rotations

Turn days and weeks into seconds by instantly rotating supported database urls and service credentials identified in the leak.

Instant Synchronization

Quickly invalidate compromised credentials across all environments and infrastructure to stop the spread of the fire.

Rapid Redeployment

Redeploy the rotated secrets across all of your infrastructure through our expanding suite of integrations.

Ready to Scale

Developer's Friend

Automated secrets rotation is designed to support dynamic and fast-paced development environments, providing both security and convenience.

Zero Downtime

Our rotation is designed with up time in mind. Secrets are rotated on a 2 key system, mitigating any risk of downtime.

DevOps Workflows

Natively integrate secret rotations into your CI/CD pipelines, maintaining a secure and efficient deployment lifecycle.

Complex Environments

Tailor the rotation settings to meet the specific needs of your diverse and complex environments.

Perfect Vantage Point

Doppler gives you the control to manage how and when your secrets are rotated, aligning with your unique operational requirements.

Custom Policies

Configure your rotation policies for different types of secrets, meeting the unique needs of your infrastructure.

Audit Trails

Detailed logging for each rotation event, providing clear audit trails for compliance purposes.

Fast Rollbacks

Every rotation is captured in the version history, allowing you to quickly revert to previous versions safely.

"As we've scaled and added engineers as well as third party contractors, keeping everyone on the same page and making sure nothing leaks was crucial and with Doppler it was a breeze."

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Abhi Nayar

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