Swift Breach Containment

Accelerate your response and limit damage during security breaches with our robust auditing and remediation platform.

Firefighting 101

Remediating a breach is firefighting, every second counts. Identify the leaked secrets, instantly rotate them, and run forensic analysis.

Identify Leaks

Track reads and writes by user and service at a per secret level, providing crucial insights for which secrets were leaked and when.

Instant Rotation

Rapidly rotate compromised secrets to cut off unauthorized access and limit damage. Minimize risk with automatic monthly rotation.

Forensic Investigation

Every action is captured through an audit log, allowing you to trace access patterns and identify the scope of the breach.

30B+ secrets read every month

“Managing the lifecycle and versioning of thousands of secrets across microservices, web applications, and cloud resources with Doppler has been magical. My time spent auditing our secrets portfolio has dropped drastically from one whole day to less than an hour.”

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Isaac Mbuotidem
DevOps/SRE Lead
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A look under the hood

Doppler’s Mechanics

Firefighting a data breach is easier when you have a single source of truth built on enterprise-grade secrets management.

Viewer Logs

Identity which secrets were leaked with real-time reporting of when secrets are accessed, by who, when, and the device used.

Secrets Rotation

Turn days and weeks into seconds by instantly rotating supported database urls and service credentials identified in the leak.

Instant Synchronization

Quickly invalidate compromised credentials across all environments and infrastructure to stop the spread of the fire.

Rapid Deployment

Redeploy the rotated secrets across all of your infrastructure through our expanding suite of integrations.

Log Forwarding

Forward audit logs into your observability services to proactively monitor for future security incidents.

Least Privilege Access

Review access controls across users and groups to identity and close any over-permissioning gaps.