Implement Least Privilege Access

Our approach to least privilege access ensures that only the right people, can access the right secrets, at the right time.

No Access. No Entry.

Bolster security by enabling fine-grained control over who has access to what and when, maximizing compliance and minimizing risk.

User Groups

Assign users to groups with specific access levels, implementing the principle of least privilege for each project.

Role-Based Permissions

Enforce the principal of least privilege at scale by tailoring fine-grained access controls to the requirements of each role.

Enterprise SCIM

Automatically manage user and group memberships from your Identity Provider (IDP), aligning with your organizational structure.

Trusted and used by over 41,000 companies

"As a platform that manages customer compliance, our internal compliance requirements are of utmost importance. Doppler's regular and on-demand secret rotation, along with proper group and user provisioning featuring concrete scope and role-based access controls, elevated our secret management to a new level."

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Peter Merkert
CTO & Co-Founder
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A look under the hood

Doppler’s Mechanics

Enterprise-grade access controls designed to provide maximum security while maintaining flexibility and ease of management at scale.

Flexible Management

Easily manage users and groups via the Doppler dashboard or through any identity provider that supports SAML + SCIM.

Project-Based Access

Define access on a per-project basis, offering Viewer, Collaborator, Admin, or custom roles to suit your team’s needs.

Custom Roles

Tailor access through fine-grained workplace and project permission profiles. Apply custom roles to users and groups.

Swift Onboarding

Automate user provisioning and role assignment, ensuring secure and efficient team transitions.

Secure Offboarding

Instantaneously revoke access in lockstep with your identity provider for users and groups across all devices.

Audit Trails

Track and monitor user actions, secrets sprawl, system changes, and data access for enhanced compliance and security.